Frequently Asked Questions


  • One of the supported adapters listed here is required.

  • You can find a detailed list of the supported cars and options here. Please note that some of the listed options may not be available or do not work depending on the software and configuration of your car.


  • Please make sure you followed the instructions. Additionally it is not possible to connect to the car with an adapter other than the devices listed here.

    You may also be attempting to connect to a car that is not supported. Please check the compatibility here. Also make sure your software is running correctly.


  • It is recommended to code with the engine off and ignition turned on.

  • You can send me a message on facebook or instagram, then I'll try to help you.

  • Yes, if you flash them with incorrect software. Be careful and follow the guides.

  • Take caution and don't disconnect if the software is still doing something.

  • I post everything I find, maybe, maybe not.

  • Because some things are locked in the DAS/Xentry software.

  • In this case you would have to send the control unit in question to an expert.